Please sign our petition against the cuts

We have started a petition to ask Lambeth to maintain a full library service at the Carnegie, please sign this at:
petition. This is also available in printed form in the library.

Some recent articles about the Culture2020 proposals are:

InDulwich article

The wedding venue that never was

£7,000,000 capital investment from Lambeth for Brixton Rec, run by Greenwich Leisure Limited, trading as Better, the very organisation lined up to take over the Carnegie. What's going on, I thought we were cutting budgets?

4 thoughts on “Please sign our petition against the cuts

  1. Carnegie would turn in his grave
    The Library is a vital public facility and should not be vandalised for commercial gain

  2. I speak for myself – but also I believe for other concerned authors that the Carnegie Library needs to stay full of books for the community. We need better more informed brains/thoughts/experiences/education (in its broadest sense) – healthy minds as well as bodies. Not one at the expense of the other. Please DON’T “pave Paradise” over for any reason.
    Sarah Mussi

  3. Exercise for the mind is every bit as important as exercise for the body. There are plenty of gyms around – the library is a precious and valuable resource – please don’t destroy or diminish it.

  4. I live in Hove,East Sussex and we also seem to have just lost the fight to keep our Carnegie Grade 2 library. Our library is a beautiful building which couldn’t be more conveniently situated and is always busy.To be surrounded by books in such a peaceful atmosphere is a real pleasure that i would greatly miss. However the labour council wishes to move it quite a distance away into an annexe tacked onto the back of the museum-thereby losing a great many of the books-sacrilege! I hate to think what they are planning to do with the building to replace our cultural heritage.

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