What does Lambeth mean by a “Neighbourhood Library”?

This term was introduced by Lambeth in its Culture 2020 Report, which is available at
Cabinet report
in the Full cabinet papers.

The report uses the following key definitions :-

"Healthy Living Centre" is a gym which has a lounge. [1]

"Neighbourhood Library" is a self-service facility in the gym's lounge offering "a small selection of books," [2], Wi-Fi access and computers. [3]

In other words a "neighbourhood library" would not be a library.

[1] Page 45 paragraph 7.9

[2] Page 154
[3] Page 30 paragraphs 5.21 and 5.22

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  1. I am very sorry I cannot be at the meeting on 16 November, but I fully support your efforts to keep the library open. Another gym is not needed: people who want a gym are sufficiently mobile to use gyms farther afield, people who need the library – young or old- quite probably aren’t. The proposal is not an acceptable substitute

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