Bridge Club

The Friends of Carnegie Library Bridge Club is up and running!


2 thoughts on “Bridge Club

  1. Hi there, Mum (Sheila) has been coming for the past 3/4 weeks and is really enjoying it. Thank you for running this club. She arrived a little early this week and found it all locked up, we hadn’t realised that the library doesn’t open until 2pm on a Monday, so she presumed it was not on. Can you please let me know whether the class starts at 2pm or 2.15pm please. And also what dates you break up and return for your Christmas break. Thanks again, it has given mum a real boost.

  2. Hi Sarah – So pleased to hear that your mother has been enjoying the Bridge Club and sorry if there was a mix-up about starting times. The Club does meet regularly on Monday afternoons from 2:15, but no harm in an early arrival when the library opens at 2. You should check with the participants about what the plans are over the holiday period, since it very much depends on what the regulars want to do – though of course the library will be closed on Monday the 25th and the following Monday (New Year’s Day).

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