Foodbank Collection

The Norwood and Brixton Foodbank is designed to help individuals and families in crisis through the provision of emergency food supplies. Local care professionals in the Lambeth and Croydon area refer people, with a food voucher to attend either the Norwood or Brixton Distribution point. There they are given food supplies, refreshments and where appropriate help in finding other professional help to get out of crisis.

Our collection in the Library is going very well, thanks to all who’ve donated. Please keep it coming! Here is a reminder of the Foodbank’s requirements:

  Food – must be long-life

• Milk (UHT all sizes)
• Sugar (500g/1kg)
• Instant Coffee
• Rice pudding
• Instant puddings like angel delight/jelly
• Instant or long-life custard
• Tinned tomatoes
• Instant/tinned potatoes
• Tinned vegetables – mushrooms, spinach, green beans, pulses
• Tinned fish
• Tinned meat


• Nappies – all sizes
• Toilet rolls
• Shampoo
• Shower gel
• Toothpaste

The Norwood and Brixton Foodbank welcomes donations from the general public and businesses who can contribute food to support local well–being in a simple and practical way.

For further details of the work of Norwood and Brixton Foodbank, and how you can be involved contact:

Norwood Distribution centre
St Luke’s Church
Knights Hill
West Norwood
SE27 0HS

Brixton Distribution centre
St Paul's Church
Ferndale Road
Brixton SW9 8AH

Website: Brixton and Norwood Foodbank
Telephone: 07538 888 415

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