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Lambeth Libraries Survey results!

In February 2023 Lambeth Libraries undertook a survey of library users. The survey is the CIPFA Public Library Survey which has followed mainly the same format for well over a decade and so provides a useful insight into trends and views of library users over a long period of time.  

Executive Summary

  • Satisfaction with the library has increased in all areas over the last thirteen years
  • The standard of customer care is now rated at 94% Good/Very Good
  • Overall satisfaction with the service is 93% Good/Very Good
  • Areas for improvement: study space provision
  • More people use their own devices in libraries
  • 6 people out of 10 use the library for study and learning
  • Health and wellbeing is seen as the next most beneficial reason for using the library by 44% of users
  • To borrow books is still the main reason why people go to a library
  • 18% of library users do not have a library membership
  • Most people visit the library once a week.
  • Most people travel to the library on foot

CIPFA USER SURVEYGood or very goodadequatepoor or very poor
All Libraries Results: What do you think of this library (overall results)201020132016202320102013201620232010201320162023
Opening hours78%81%83%86%18%14%12%12%5%5%4%2%
attractiveness outside62%69%83%84%27%23%14%13%12%8%4%3%
Attractiveness inside58%68%86%87%32%24%11%11%10%8%2%1%
Standard of customer care78%87%91%94%18%11%8%5%3%1%1%1%
Choice of books61%67%80%84%32%26%16%13%9%7%5%1%
Physical condition of the books72%76%86%89%26%21%12%10%3%2%1%0%
Computer facilities60%65%77%76%33%29%20%22%7%6%2%2%
Information provision66%74%82%84%31%24%17%15%2%2%1%1%
Events and activities   78%   20%   2%
Study space and facilities (seating and tables 2010)56%  76%31%  20%12%  4%
Overall how good is the library service75%82%91%93%22%16%8%7%2%2%1%1%

Carnegie Library is in the upper table for Events and Activities (81% very good or good), but room for improvement for Study Space (74%) and for Opening Hours (77%).

This is a great tribute to the Lambeth Library Service from the users.

Friends of Carnegie Library wish to thank the Carnegie Library librarians for their part in achieving this clear line of improvement.

Authors in the library

Every Second Tuesday the Friends host a local author to give a reading, discuss their work and meet readers. Please come along. 7-8:30 pm at the library (and come early for tea and coffee from 6:30).

Here are some of the upcoming events: June to September:

Paul Burston comes on 13 June with We Can Be Heroes, an autobiographical work which is to be published in June. 

On 11 July Simon Keable-Elliott presents Utterly Immoral: Robert Keable and his scandalous novel, about the book written by his grandfather which was condemned by critics but became an international best seller.

For 8 August, Louise Candlish will talk about her latest novel, The Only Suspect.

Christopher J Schuler - 12 September, with The Wood That Built London: A Human History of the Great North Wood (in conjunction with the Lambeth Heritage Festival).

The events are livestreamed, so you can attend without leaving your home, if you prefer. Details of links for viewing online are always posted on this site and on the Lambeth Library Events site, nearer the time.

Past events are available to view from the Carnegie Library facebook page.