Booker Prize Winner for the Book Group

The_Sense_of_an_EndingThe Carnegie Library Book Group meets with fellow readers and Caroline Mackie, the Carnegie Librarian, to discuss and compare notes on the book of the month. All the Lambeth Library Book Groups are meeting at the Brixton Library in December this year, so the next meeting for the Carnegie Library Group will be on the 7th of January, 2014.

Plenty of time to read in preparation for the meeting, where they'll be discussing Julian Barnes' 2011 Booker Prize vwinning Sense of an Ending. Described as having 'the markings of a classic of English Literature. It is exquisitely written, subtly plotted and reveals new depths with each reading' it's sure to be not only a great read but also a fascinating conversation to see what others got out of it and how they have interpreted it.

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