JN Paquet, Children’s Author Visit Fri 15 Nov

jnpaquetChildren's author JN Paquet will host the Storytime session on Friday 15th November from 10.30am as part of his 2013 UK Book Tour.

J.N. Paquet is a children's author and journalist who lived in France for 20 years, in Britain for 10 years and in Brazil for 3 years. Father of three trilingual children, he has written over 40 children's books - translated into nine languages - including the highly acclaimed bilingual children's books series 'The Book of The Animals' and 'The T-RRIBLE'.

Through his books, he aims to promote literacy and bilingualism around the world, promote fun-learning as a positive attitude towards reading, and provide inspiration for the next generation of young readers and writers.

To learn more about J.N. Paquet and his works, please visit his website jnpaquet.com, follow him on Twitter @jnpaquet, or bring your children to the Carnegie Library this Friday...

JN Paquet