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£6000 awarded for IT education project in libraries

Amidst the gloom & doom about Lambeth's mad actions (spending £1.25 million digging out the basement for a gym, awarding the library to a group that has no community basis, etc) we've received the good news that the Carnegie UK Trust project (run in 2016-17 by the Friends together with Lambeth library services) to provide IT courses in Lambeth libraries will be continued for another year with Widening Participation funding. This will provide funds for 4 courses for local disadvantaged young people. At least one, we hope, will be in the Carnegie.


From 4 June 2015, the library will be open on Thursday afternoons from 1.00 – 6.00pm in addition to its normal opening hours. This will allow for greater use, and in particular, give students revising for exams an additional facility for homework, research, computer use and free Wi-Fi.
This is welcome news because for years, Friends of Carnegie Library have been calling for longer opening times following the reduction from 34 to 16 hours a week from 1997 and the partial restoration to 31 from 2003.
With all the events and activities now on offer, and the friendly, welcoming library staff, statistics for membership, visits and loans have been growing by leaps and bounds. Add the recent refurbishment and attractive new furniture, plus a growing demand for yet more activities and it was clear an increase in opening hours was needed.

This extension of our public library hours to 36 a week comes at no extra cost to Lambeth, as it is covered by normal staff salaries. The extra five hours should boost the service and encourage even more visits.
Despite this good news, the entire service at the Carnegie is under threat. The results of the Culture 2020 consultation responses and Lambeth’s reaction are expected to be published within the next two months.
If the council decided to press ahead with its proposals to close two libraries and withdraw all funding from three others, including Carnegie, we would lose our professional library staff. It would then be impossible to provide anything like the current level of service, either in terms of opening hours, number and range of books, other material, events and activities; and the library as we know it would close.
To help prevent this, please lobby your councillors and if not already a member, join the Friends and the library.

Book a Librarian

Qualitative-Research-Interview-2Are you a library member curious about the Internet and need one-on-one support with your computing skills? If so, you can make an appointment to spend 15-30 minutes with a librarian at the Carnegie Library. Whether you need to:

  • Learn basic computer skills

  • Browse or search the internet

  • Set up an email account

  • Access our online newspaper archive

  • Access our local history archive Landmark

  • Access our online study resource for the Life in the UK or British Citizenship tests

  • Practice your driving theory test online including the hazard perception test and the highway code

  • Help with Choice Based Letting

  • Track down consumer information

  • Help with filling in a job application form

  • Request a demonstration of the Carnegie Library Catalogue or how to join the Netlibrary

How to book

  • A minimum of three days notice is required

  • Make an appointment (available Mondays from 1pm-6pm, and Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am-6pm) by booking at the Enquiry Desk, phoning 020 7926 6050, or emailing

Privacy, Cookies, and You

The Friends of Carnegie Library are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This webpage tells you the data protection and privacy practices for the site, specifically:

  • What personally identifiable information is collected
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Plain English Summary

  • We take your privacy very seriously.
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The cookies we use are detailed below:

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Which organisation is collecting this information is a website owned by the Friends of Carnegie Library, a UK-based non-profit organisation.

How this information is used

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How to contact us

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From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy in line with website changes that may affect the personal information we gather about you. It is assumed that you accept such changes if you continue to use the site and services. If you do not accept such changes then you should stop using the Friends of Carnegie Library’s website and services, and contact us (details above) if you would like any information removed.

Foodbank Collection

The Norwood and Brixton Foodbank is designed to help individuals and families in crisis through the provision of emergency food supplies. Local care professionals in the Lambeth and Croydon area refer people, with a food voucher to attend either the Norwood or Brixton Distribution point. There they are given food supplies, refreshments and where appropriate help in finding other professional help to get out of crisis.

Our collection in the Library is going very well, thanks to all who’ve donated. Please keep it coming! Here is a reminder of the Foodbank’s requirements:

  Food – must be long-life

• Milk (UHT all sizes)
• Sugar (500g/1kg)
• Instant Coffee
• Rice pudding
• Instant puddings like angel delight/jelly
• Instant or long-life custard
• Tinned tomatoes
• Instant/tinned potatoes
• Tinned vegetables – mushrooms, spinach, green beans, pulses
• Tinned fish
• Tinned meat


• Nappies – all sizes
• Toilet rolls
• Shampoo
• Shower gel
• Toothpaste

The Norwood and Brixton Foodbank welcomes donations from the general public and businesses who can contribute food to support local well–being in a simple and practical way.

For further details of the work of Norwood and Brixton Foodbank, and how you can be involved contact:

Norwood Distribution centre
St Luke’s Church
Knights Hill
West Norwood
SE27 0HS

Brixton Distribution centre
St Paul's Church
Ferndale Road
Brixton SW9 8AH 

Website: Brixton and Norwood Foodbank
Telephone: 07538 888 415