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Friends of Carnegie Library AGM – Wednesday 18th March 7pm

Dear FriendsAGM

The Annual General Meeting of Friends of Carnegie Library will be held on Wednesday 18 March at 6.30 for 7.00 in the Gallery.

With the current threats posed to the library service throughout Lambeth by the Council’s proposed Cultural Strategy 2020 (see link below), it is essential for the membership to discuss and agree the way forward.

please see the posting entitled Campaign News on the Friends website by clicking here.

We are looking to recruit to the committee so if anyone is interested in standing a nomination form can be download by clicking here. To see job descriptions associated with the various committee post click here.

The quorum for the AGM is 20, but considering the importance of current issues, and the high turnout at the special membership meetings of 30 July and 19 November last year, a high attendance will be expected.

I hope to see you there

Jeff Doorn,

Chair, Friends of Carnegie Library

Communication from the Chair of the Friends to all members

exclamation markA Project Group was set up initially with Friends support, but later excluded the Friends.  Having completed their options exercise, they should now disband.  However, they have formed an unaccountable shadow trust board, run by a self-appointed trio, with the aim of taking over the Carnegie Library building.  Their plans are unworkable and would result in closure of the library and loss by the community of our public building.  Click on the link below to view a full report prepared by a former Chair of our group which explains the issues.

A Review of the Carnegie Project Group

or here for summary of the report

Review of the Carnegie Project Group (Summary)

Art Event – Overhe(a)r(e) – Friday 9th January 6-9pm

OVERHE(a)R(e) connects artists in two global OVERHE(a)R(e) POSTER Exhibition (January 2015)
cities to create work about what inspires them
‘over here’. Contribute to a global conversation
about place, perception and identity, seeing ‘the
simple good’ through the eyes of artists in

You are cordially invited to this multi-artform event on Friday 9th January between 6-9pm. Food, wine and cocktails.

The artists whose works will feature comprise:

Angele Anise  Carson Reiners  Grace Needlman
CJ Hungerman  Julie Cowan  Paul Branton
David  Anthony Geary  Sarah Anna Hansen
Anni Holm  Charles Jean-Pierre
Meg Peterson  Paula MacArthur  James Adams
Vincenzo Albano  Kirsty Jones  Raul Guerrero
I-M Jerome  Monique Muffin  Lynsey Morgann Laurence
Georgina Lowbridge  Hannah Pratt

More information at:

w w w . t h e s i m p l e g o o d . c o m

w w w . t w e n t y o n e a r t i s t s . c o m