Marlowe Russell

Join author Marlowe Russell to discuss her new novel Bantling.

Tue, 9 Apr 2024 19:00 - 20:30 BST - in the Carnegie library

Bantling (Archaic): a young or small child, a brat. Formerly = bastard. OED

Who are you if you don’t know where you come from? Where do you fit if your past is make-believe?

1923. South London. Unmarried, pregnant and determined to keep her child, Violet accepts help from Ellen, a vicar’s wife. When their relationship turns sour, Violet and her baby, Sam, are forcibly separated. Sam is brought up as somebody else by a woman who loves him and a man who doesn’t. Ellen and Violet each have to reshape their hopes as the world changes around them. In London, Hull, Sydney and aboard an aircraft carrier, through the turbulence of war and the uncertainties of peace, Violet and Sam search for each other and try to build lives that make sense.

Join Marlowe Russell to discuss her novel and writing process.

Marlowe Russell

Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in north London, I studied social anthropology in Hull, fine art in Sydney and cultural history and fiction writing back in London. I have fingers in various creative, political and social pies. Nowadays, I am mostly preoccupied with the South London Botanical Institute, a plant and environmental education charity in south London (where I live), planning the colour-blazing future of my blank-canvas garden and completing a further novel. Bantling is my first published novel.

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