Correspondence with the Leader of the Council

Both the Herne Hill Society and Village Ward Labour Party are concerned about the library. Both organisations wrote to the Leader, Lib Peck, and received replies which, at a quick glance, might appear satisfactory.
Combining the information provided in the replies with that from the June exhibition, the earlier correspondence with Lib on this site and the official report, the situation can be summarised as follows:

Child Protection

The main floor of the building, where books and computers will be located, will be left unstaffed most of the time.

Library Spaces

Study spaces would be provided each year in the run up to the school examinations but no space would be set aside for a library at other times. What the official report calls a "small selection of books" and some computers will be provided in a room used for non-library purposes. As at present, it will be possible to order books from other Lambeth Libraries and the borough as a whole will continue to have as many books in total as it did before our library closed.


Library staff would not be based at the building but one or more would visit for up to two hours most days and, in this time, he or she or they would be expected to conduct group activities.

Running Costs

The library is costing more closed than it would if it had stayed open but this was not considered when making the decision to close it.


When the building will be open to the public again is unknown but it will not be before Summer next year and might be much later. The first step, preparing a planning application, has not yet been taken.

The correspondence consists of:
• Letter from Herne Hill Society to Lib Peck dated 6th May 2016
HHS to Peck
• Her reply dated 24th May 2016
Peck to HHS
• Letter from Village Ward Labour Party to Lib Peck sent in May before her reply to the Herne Hill Society was received by them.
Village Ward to Peck
• Her reply to Village Ward Labour Party.
Peck to Village Ward

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  1. This will not qualify as a library under Cipfa rules. They require a full time staffed information point. Therefore if LBL claims this service as a library in the Cipfa returns, legal action should be taken against the Council for fraud.

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