Carnegie Library Usage is Up!

Every month Lambeth publishes statistics of library usage showing the numbers of visitors and issues in each library over the previous month. Figures are given both per hour and overall.

Cumulative stats are also issued covering quarterly and half yearly periods; comparisons can be made between say this month and the same month last year. The picture at Carnegie is of continued improvement.

The fact that we have the lowest opening hours in the borough means visit figures are generally lower than elsewhere, but we make the most of the few hours available. For example, there were 8 more hours in October 2012 than October 2011, resulting in nearly 200 additional visits.

Similarly, with 18 more hours in April 2013 than April 2012, the gate count was up by 580.
Carnegie is unique in consistently showing more issues than visitors, so when we can get in, we do borrow or renew. The Group Manager who circulates the stats cited an increase in issues at Carnegie during April this year; there was also a marked increase in memberships that month.

Then in assessing visitor figures for June he remarked on Carnegie’s “impressive increase of 23.12%”. This is due in part to the efforts of the Friends and our super Library Services Manager, Caroline Mackie, in arranging and promoting activities and events, and providing a warm, friendly welcome and lively atmosphere. Caroline and her team have raised the level of service, even within the limited budget. We are also grateful to note withdrawals of books are kept to a minimum and new titles are appearing, with good quality donations also being added.

Our message, as always, is keep these stats rising: visit frequently and borrow each time. Those who use the lift for entry are also counted, provided they take a ticket; don’t forget.

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