Promoting Libraries

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We love our library. And we're doing everything we can to make sure it remains as relevant to our community today as it was when it first opened over 100 years ago. We take heart that there are many groups, societies, government departments, unions, campaigners, and library associations that share our vision. They have issued guidance for libraries transitioning to community-owned status; offer suggestions for making best use of library resources; and challenge us to think what else a library can be.

The links below point to just some of them.. Are we missing any? If you know of any others, please submit a link...


2 thoughts on “Promoting Libraries

  1. Mr Carnegie would be turning in his grave, how can Lambeth Council do this ????? The library was given for the benifit of the local people. Learning on so many levels.
    This building belongs to Herne Hill and its community. Provided by a man who believed in the communities.

    This is theft by Lambeth Council.
    Return the building to the community. Its a dissgrace.

    Good luck friends, dont let Lambeth Council have it.

    1. I would say you Echoed my thoughts exactly. This is your right it was a Bequest by Andrew Carnegie for the people in perpetuity not a 100 year limit, and not just real estate an ideal. Pleased to see you are making a stand at what you know is correct.

      J Marten

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