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Local News

Local Societies

Herne Hill is surrounded by a wonderfully diverse set of community organisations. The Friends of Carnegie Library welcome and liaise with those groups to highlight and promote each other's aims and events to each other.

The links below point to just some of them. Are we missing any? If you know of any others, please submit a link...


Promoting Libraries

We love our library. And we're doing everything we can to make sure it remains as relevant to our community today as it was when it first opened over 100 years ago. We take heart that there are many groups, societies, government departments, unions, campaigners, and library associations that share our vision. They have issued guidance for libraries transitioning to community-owned status; offer suggestions for making best use of library resources; and challenge us to think what else a library can be.

The links below point to just some of them. Continue reading Promoting Libraries

Art, Museums, Galleries

South London Gallery, Camberwell South London Gallery, Camberwell

As someone interested in learning, culture, and the arts, we've compiled this list of local museums, galleries, and art sites on the web you might be interested in. Sites such as the South London Art Map and South East London Film Clubs Network give more comprehensive listings of their respective genres than this site can offer; the rest of the links are to more 'local' facilities and services. Continue reading Art, Museums, Galleries