Naomi Clifford – Out of the Shadows

Essays on 18th and 19th Century Women - at the library (or online)

Tuesday evening 14 March, 7-8:30

Meet Eliza Fenning, a servant whose ability to read proved fatal; teenager Maria Glenn, dragged through the courts by a vengeful would-be suitor; Margaret Larney, pregnant and condemned to death; Mary Ashford, whose woeful end was staged on the opening night of a famous theatre; and French anarchist Louise Michel, welcomed, to the consternation of the great and the good, on a fact-finding visit to a London workhouse.

Join historian Naomi Clifford to discuss her new book, Out of the Shadows, a collection of essays which explores the lives of women whose stories we have forgotten or never known. The 19th-century societies for the aid of discharged prisoners. Above all, the extraordinary work of Susanna Meredith with women in Vauxhall.

Organised by the Friends of Carnegie Library

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